BCM325 Pitch Feedback

Here are the feedback comments I have put under three different pitches. What I wanted to do here was make sure that I always started on a positive note and picked out something from their pitch video or blog that I genuinely enjoyed. This was followed by trying to find similarities between all projects and my own. Lastly, I tried to conclude my comments with a link that would hopefully help those students in the future and also get them thinking differently about the direction of their DA.

Aimee’s project was very similar to mine so it was great to see how she had organized her project and what her timeline looked like. Aimee also chose great media to analyze, while I had not done that yet. The only real criticism I had of Aimee was the quality of sound in her pitch video, though this didn’t get in the way of my understanding of her pitch.

I really enjoyed Lily’s idea as it covered the use of TikTok which I think people always try to tie into DA’s in their own way. It’s always refreshing to see so many people talk about TikTok, but in a completely new way. I find her idea to cover a wide range of social media effects on audiences, like attention spans, to be really critical to her when discussing the future of social media and she most certainly has the background research to back it up. I did slightly criticise her though, as did other comments, in that the scope of the project may be a little too broad here and she should potentially try and focus solely on the idea of TikTok and its effect on our attention spans as opposed to how TikTok can be used to for a variety of other things.

Lastly, Cait’s idea touched upon the Fashion Industry and how it will develop in the future in terms of trends and fast fashion. I noted that it’s definitely something interesting to investigate as the fashion in some of the films we have been watching is quite out there and something that most people first take note of. I also noted how fashion tends to come full circle and trends disappear and reappear. Just like the other two pitches, the timeline of her DA is quite well planned out and it seems that she is on the right track.

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