Live Tweeting Summary 1: BCM325

In BCM 325, each week we have the chance to live tweet while watching a variety of movies that ultimately encompass some form of a Future Culture. As a group, the cohort is able to interact with each other and point out interesting facts about the movie, opinions about the movies’ futuristic setting and even cinematography choices. So, below are some of my most prominent tweets and retweets from the movies we have watched so far. 

Week 1: 2001: A Space Odyssey

One of my favorite movies of all time and I really enjoyed watching it again with others who may not have seen it. The cinematography in this movie is fantastic and whenever I watch the film I still believe some of the shots look like they could have been filmed today. Was still getting the hang of live tweeting here, but overall a solid effort.

Week 2: Westworld

Westworld was a movie I had not seen before but I thoroughly enjoyed it! One of my tweets turned out to be scarily true which is always a good thing and it also got a bit of love which is great. There were also some really great conversations about robots and humans which highlighted the interesting theme of the film.

Week 3: Bladerunner 

Blade Runner is another one of my favorite movies and was a joy to watch in class and live tweet. I thought many people tweeted out some super interesting and even things that I’ve missed after multiple viewings. 

Week 4: Ghost In The Shell

This was a tricky one to watch for me and trying to live tweet during the film was hard. I ended up finishing the movie quite confused but tried my best to stay with it for as long as I could. That being said, it seemed like many had seen this before and grown to love it which was great.

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