BCM 325 Tweeting Summary: Part 2

Today’s post will be a critical reflection of the live tweeting process of our in class screenings from weeks 6-12. I have never been much of a tweeter in general but the act of live tweeting with a particular theme in mind has helped to push me towards more engaging content and feeding off of others’ critical analysis of the movies we have been watching.

Each week we were exposed to different interpretations of what the future may look like through the lens of past and present films. The themes of these movies varied quite a bit but tended to engage with ideas such as Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Aliens and even Time Travel. When viewing each movie it was important to try and relate the concepts discussed in the lecture for that week, while engaging with Twitter and other classmates’ perceptions of what they were gaining from these films.

I’d like to say that I had clear structure for when and how I engaged with these movies and the tweeting process but that’s not true. Each movie’s initial tweet was something completely different from the last; an initial observation, a quick synopsis or even just something that I really liked about the movie from a previous viewing or this viewing (my first).

An aspect of my live tweeting tended to also incorporate some form of quotes, sources, articles and elaborating upon other live tweeter’s comments made about specific films. This feature of my tweeting helped to better elaborate upon my feelings towards the particular movie and analze certain themes the film addressed. Although I do think that live tweeting gets more of the creative juices flowing, sometimes I could get caught up in other’s tweets or repeat something many others have already said, so incorporating professional’s opinions about the film helped to keep my tweets on track and unique. 

Look Below for a summary of my favourite movies and more!

Summary of my favourite movies and Conclusion

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