The Impact Of Films From The Future

Contextual Report

Grab from an edit for Insta page

Reflecting on some of the movies we have been watching and discussing in class, I wanted to explore the idea of what portrayals of the future will look like…in the future. 

We can see through the observation of movies the wonders that the future may hold or what was once believed the future would definitely be like. What I wanted to explore was how accurate these portrayals have been and what portrayals of the future will look like knowing what we know now. The whole idea here with this idea was to reflect upon the differences between what people believed the future would be like and what the future actually turned out to be like as we are living in it. 

My plan was to make an Instagram page in which I would post clips and screen grabs from movies we have watched in class as well as others and relate them accordingly to the present. The aim here was to contextualise what directors imagined the future to be with the present, and then discuss if they were on the right track or way off. This would help to analyse how movie depictions in our present visualise the future and ultimately provide insight into where society is headed as a whole. The hope here was to get an idea of how perceptions of the future in film have changed over the years and, would better allow myself and my audience to raise our own questions about what the future would look like and how it will be addressed in present day filmography.

Ex Machina Edit
Blade Runner Edit

But… as Digital Artefacts go, this idea fell through in the middle of my project’s life span and a new idea was formed. After making various edits and trying to gain some recognition from anyone on Instagram, I realised that it may be best to change my project entirely. From here my project changed to instead of creating content, posting on instagram and asking questions to seek out communities already doing such activities and instead, seeking answers from those already engaged. This process was more so an observational and conversational process as opposed to my intended plan of originality and content creation. My new DA changed to a critique and character study of particular audiences across the internet and their thoughts on how the future has been presented in film. Engaging with these communities and gaining an understanding of what makes particular films about the future so vital in the development of future film as well as the impact on audience’s perception of the past and future seemed infinitely more rewarding.
Therefore, my idea changed into a short podcast examining the impact that these films have had on viewers and their perceptions of the future based on films that had a large part in shaping the meaning of the future to them. Looking at Ideas like nostalgia, framing the past and future through film and lastly how the development of these futuristic worlds provided audiences with an escape from everyday life; I present to you The Impact of The Films From The Future.


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